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About Ruby Red’s BBQ
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Prime, Craft, smoked meats and from- scratch sides and desserts. Established in 1990, Beach and Imperial in La Habra, CA

Motto is: “We are perfect at wanting to be perfect”.  Every single day, we will fall short of our goal of perfect food, perfect service, and perfect environment. However, that will never be for a lack of trying… 

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We love all our guests, and it is our desire to make every experience at Ruby Red’s the best it can be.  There will always be those who recognize our shortcomings without giving us the opportunity to correct those mistakes.

That personally makes me sad.  I feel that this life is a blessing and that we need to always be looking for opportunities to find the good and to make someone else’s day a little brighter. 

And like I’ve said, we’ll fall short every day.  So, if your only goal is to point that out, then I’ll happily take on the responsibility for that bad experience.  However, if we get the chance to make it up to you, we’ll always do that and then some. 

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Our family of owners at Ruby Red’s includes all our crew.  

We don’t have regular employees, instead, we have invested, high quality people who care about the outcome of their work and who are aligned with our mission statement of improving and giving back to our community.  

I couldn’t be prouder of this group that Tammy and I consider to be our family.  The greatest part of my day is hearing the many compliments about our crew.  

You will often see members of our staff joining my efforts in the dining room to greet our guests and welcoming them to “their” restaurant.

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As you may have heard, the response from the community to Ruby Red’s has already made it necessary for us to expand.

I’ve signed a 25-year lease for the space next to our existing restaurant to triple the size of our kitchen and increase our front of house.  This will allow us to finally start our call-in orders with a dedicated area for pick up as well as to facilitate our catering side of the business. 

It won’t be long for those of you who have been following us from the beginning to start seeing the new construction progress pictures of the new side of Ruby Red’s.  I have begun the design process which will be in line with the current theme.  

I’m currently working to include a two-story interior façade straight out of the old west which should be quite striking.  You know that I love quality, well thought out finishes, so I hope that you’ll love the new addition.   

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Once our new side opens, we will be introducing addition menu items including our fresh brewed Teas, additional sides, additional desserts among other things.

We’re just excited to have met thousands of new people these six weeks and we’re excited to continue on our path of improvements as we move forward.  Please continue to be patient as we try our best on your behalf.  I look forward to personally meeting many more of you in the days to come.  

Lastly, I want to thank all of you have shared posts with your friends in an effort to truly be a part of our family.  That really means a lot to Tammy and me.  In the end, you are making it possible for us to help the lives of many of those in our surrounding communities.

With Sincere thanks
Steve Williamson

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